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  3. We are an Indigenous-led not-for-profit working to ensure that Indigenous peoples have the tools, edution and support to thrive in the digital age. We are mandated by Indigenous peoples in British Columbia to advance digital and connected technologies.

    What we do

    We provide funded and accredited edution programs to advance Indigenous peoples reers in innovation and technology.

    We participate in and lead community research projects that result in tangible benefits for Indigenous peoples.

    We create strategies to advance equitable, affordable and sustainable access to technology in Indigenous communities.

    We advote for better policy solutions for internet affordability and reliability in Indigenous communities.

    Our vision

    We envision Indigenous communities fully utilizing technology to advance their visions and Indigenous voices actively shaping the technology sector as it responds meaningfully to reconciliation.


    Darren Edgar

    Darren Edgar

    Deputy Chief, Kitasoo Band

    Technology is the wave that's come. If we don't do anything it’s going to leave us behind. So we’ve got to get more involved and I think that's what’s happening… This is an opportunity to have a First Nations technology company whether it’s through telecommunitions or what have you, there are so many opportunities coming.
    Samantha Nock

    Samantha Nock

    Futures in Innovation & Technology grad – Digital Marketing

    I think it's important for more Indigenous peoples to enter this field beuse we have so many amazing and bright community members that n enter this field and create new and helpful apps and software. We have the pacity in our communities for an Indigenous tech takeover and I'm here for it.
    Marina Galay-Bott

    Marina Galay-Bott

    Futures in Innovation & Technology grad – Digital Marketing

    I think it is highly important for Indigenous people to enter the tech industry, especially now, as there are so many opportunities to have our voices heard in an industry that is leading the future. The tech industry is highly innovative and ever-changing, as such, I believe it is important to have people from all backgrounds share their ideas, but especially the holistic way of thinking that comes from Indigenous teachings and backgrounds.”